Recycle Toner

At CTX, we are committed to supporting every sustainable initiative.

We stand behind all efforts of Xerox and our other partners to help customers reduce office waste, reduce the use of paper and manage equipment at end of life.

Together with our employees, suppliers and customers, we strive to maintain the highest standard to preserve our environment:

  • Reduce energy use to protect our climate – We provide ENERGY STAR® energy-efficient products and solutions to our customers.
  • Prevent and manage waste – Many of the products and solutions we support are designed to use resources efficiently, minimizing waste and reusing or recycling materials. Xerox solid ink technology replaces cartridges – creating far less waste.
  • Preserve clean air and clean water – CTX is committed to using products that minimize the use of toxic materials and heavy metals – including initiatives to lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Preserve biodiversity and the world’s forests – Many of the solutions we offer help reduce paper consumption through innovative software products and print-on-demand functionality.

    Recycle your Toner

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