Document Management

Do you store documents electronically in an elaborate file structure that maybe somedays doesn't even make sense to you?

Do you have to search through file cabinets of file folders regularly to find that one small sheet of paper to continue your job?

Did you know there are smarter ways to manage that information, collaborate with co-workers and turn those manual and tedious workflows into just a small blip on the radar? It’s easier then you think and with the CTX Professional Services team we can customize a workflow to ease any situation.

  • Find, share and store documents more easily
  • Increase productivity x 10
  • Improve workgroup collaboration
  • Automate workflows and gain efficiencies in your most tedious areas
  • Enhance information quality and visibility
  • Improve compliance and security


  • Docuware
  • 360Flow Powered By DocuPhase
  • GlobalSearch by Square 9